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Wholesale fashion trends are the current styles, articles of clothing, and designs that are in high demand among wholesale clothing retailers. And they’re constantly changing, making it more difficult for fashion business owners to know which items will sell well. 

Wholesale fashion experts use proprietary warehouse data to uncover themes in the styles popular with buyers, allowing them to predict items that are likely to sell well in your online store.

Why Pay Attention to Wholesale Fashion Trends?

Monitoring wholesale trends can directly impact: 

  • Sales: You can boost sales and capitalize on popular trends by offering products that are in high demand.
  • Brand reputation: Staying on top of trends showcases your industry knowledge and can help your brand build a reputation for being forward-thinking.
  • Customer loyalty: When you consistently deliver on-trend products, customers trust and remain loyal to your brand, encouraging repeat business.
  • Competitive advantage: Being aware of wholesale fashion trends gives you an edge over competitors and helps you win over customers seeking the latest styles.
  • Customer demand: Keeping an eye on trends ensures you offer products customers actively seek, leading to higher conversion rates and satisfaction.

7 Top Wholesale Fashion Trends in 2023

Now that you understand the benefits that being trendy can bring to your brand, let’s take a look at a few of the most popular wholesale fashion trends of 2023. 

Street Style 

Street style is a major trend for 2023, encapsulating the cool, effortless vibe of cities like New York and Los Angeles. 

Street style appeals to the individuality and self-expression of everyday people, showcasing a blend of personal style, cultural influences, and creative fashion choices. It often incorporates a mix of high- and low-fashion pieces, creating unique and visually captivating ensembles that reflect the spirit and attitude of urban culture.


GeeGee Mixed Ties Tie Dye Cross Detail Top 

Price: $9.98

This eye-catching tank top offered by Trendsi is easy to pair with any solid color shorts or jeans to make for a casual, but fun outfit. With ultra-breathability, the top is a great choice all summer long.


Denim is a timeless and versatile fabric that has become a staple in fashion. From oversized denim jackets that add a touch of casual coolness to any outfit to denim dresses and jumpsuits that effortlessly combine style and comfort, denim offers a wide range of options for fashion-forward individuals. 

With its durable and adaptable nature, denim is a go-to choice for creating effortlessly chic and on-trend looks.


Asymmetrical Open Knee Distressed Flare Jeans

Price: $22.33

This is one of the best selling denim items on Trendsi. Flared pants are the trendiest style this year. It enhances women’s curves and adds elegance to their overall look. 

Sheer Fabrics 

Sheer fabric trends use translucent and lightweight materials in clothing designs. This style showcases a delicate balance between revealing and concealing, offering a glimpse of skin while maintaining an air of sophistication. 

Sheer fabrics add an ethereal and romantic touch to garments, allowing for playful layering, intricate detailing, and a sense of sensuality in fashion. From sheer panels, overlays, and sleeves to entirely sheer dresses or tops, this trend creates a captivating and subtly provocative look for those seeking to make a statement with their style.


CGYY Lace-Up Sheer Cover Up 

Price: $16.83

Disguise your suit with this lightweight white-colored cover-up that features an angelic pattern that will compliment nearly any suit. With a free-flowing design, you are sure to stay cool back and forth from the beach.

Coastal Cowgirl

The Coastal Cowgirl trend combines the rugged and rustic elements of classic cowgirl attire with the laid-back vibe of coastal living. 

Think denim shorts, breezy maxi dresses, flowy tops, wide-brimmed hats, and embellished boots, all infused with beachy and bohemian influences. This unique trend embraces a carefree and adventurous spirit, offering a fresh, modern take on Western-inspired fashion.


Long Live Cowgirls Graphic Tee 

Price: $12.54

West is the best. Put on your bell bottoms and strap on your boots to pair with this cowgirl graphic tee offer by Trendsi that is sure to fit a night out on the town. 

Biker Style

Biker style encompasses a rebellious and edgy fashion aesthetic inspired by motorcycle culture. Key elements of this trend include sleek and tough-looking leather jackets, often adorned with metal hardware and asymmetric designs. 

Leather pants create a smooth, form-fitting silhouette, and this style exudes a confident and daring attitude. The biker style trend captures the essence of freedom and adventure, combining ruggedness with a sense of cool sophistication.


Faux Leather Collar Zipper Teddy Jacket 

Price: $17.68

A jacket with some attitude. This faux leather jacket offered by Trendsi blends edgy and cozy into one. With dark tones, the Teddy Jacket could fit almost any occasion. 

Minimalist Designs

Minimalist fashion embraces simplicity, clean lines, and a focus on essential pieces. It prioritizes quality over quantity and emphasizes timeless designs that stand the test of time. The minimalist wardrobe typically consists of neutral colors, sleek silhouettes, and versatile basics that can be easily mixed and matched. 

This style celebrates understated elegance and a less-is-more approach, allowing individuals to create refined looks that exude sophistication and modernity.


V-Neck Pleated Detail Tank 

Price: $11.23

Simple. Classic. Elegant. This v-neck pleated tank top that Trendsi offers is one that you’re going to use over and over again — and certainly an item that your friends are going to try and steal. 

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are a utilitarian and versatile style of pants that originated from military wear. They are characterized by multiple “cargo pockets”, typically located on the sides of the legs, which provide both functionality and a casual and rugged aesthetic. 

Cargo pants are often crafted from durable materials such as cotton or twill and are available in various colors and fits. They are favored for their practicality and combination of comfort and style, making them a go-to choice for individuals seeking a laid-back and functional fashion statement.


Drawstring Ankle Cargo Pants 

Price: $14.06

Style that feels good. This drawstring ankle cargo pant provided by Trendsi are an easy go-to for when you’re wanting to dress it up, but have all the comfort of some sweats.

The Importance of Staying Ahead of Customer’s Favorite Trends

Staying ahead of the latest trends isn’t only important to improve your revenue. It also helps your business get more attention through search engine optimization (SEO). By staying on top of changing trends and consumer preferences, your store will appear more frequently in search results, leading to more backlink creation and organic traffic. This will help your store stay visible even when orders are low.

The key to staying on top of wholesale trends? Partnering with a reputable fashion wholesaler. The best wholesalers employ trend professionals and forecasters to find you the latest products consumers seek. If you don’t have time to consistently monitor trends, checking out a trendy wholesaler like Trendsi can be a convenient option. 

Partner With Trendsi for Wholesale Fashion Trends

Trendi is your one-stop shop for fashion dropshipping operations. Browse the most recent trends and ship them to your customers, complete with your product branding. Get started with Trendsi today to explore more than 100,000 of the latest fashion items and accessories.

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