Your Dropshipping Business Plan to Scale Revenue

Running a successful dropshipping business isn’t easy. Dropshipping isn’t the end all be all to scaling your business, but it can significantly help you grow your business. With massive online retailers like Amazon, SHEIN, and TEMU, dropshipping businesses need to differentiate themselves to stand out among their competitors.

In this guide, we will share a dropshipping store business plan and dropshipping business tips to help successfully scale your online store.

Your Dropshipping Business Plan

When starting your online store, you must try to reduce any unnecessary overhead costs to make a profit. This means that you shouldn’t be carrying inventory just yet. A dropshipping business model is ideal until you get your feet wet and start turning a profit.

Using Trendsi for Your Dropshipping Store

Trendsi is your one-stop shop supply chain solution to scale your online business. Trendsi offers dropshippers access to tens of thousands of fashionable styles and simplifies product sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics. With the dropshipping model, all you need to do is reach your target audience with your marketing efforts and find reliable suppliers like Trendsi.

At Trendsi, we make it easy to find and add products, and process orders with automated workflows. We have offered an effective solution to the biggest issues that dropshippers like you are facing, including:

  • Finding and building a relationship with a reliable and trusted clothing supplier that aligns with your fee expectations and quality.
  • Predetermined pack orders, hidden fees, low-budget products, small profit margins, and other disadvantages.
  • Delayed order processing times, slow or unclear shipping timelines

Give Customers a Reason to Buy From Your Business

There has to be a good reason for potential customers to choose to buy from you over big-name retailers like SHEIN and Amazon. This reason could stem from several things including:

  1. It’s cheaper buying from you vs. Amazon/TEMU/SHEIN/etc.
  2. You have products that other big retailers don’t so it’s unique
  3. You have built relationships with your customers, so they feel like you are curating pieces, especially for them(Amazon product recommendations can not be as personal as you are)

Any of these reasons can make people buy from you over bigger online retailers. So, how do you accomplish these things to run a successful dropship business? Read on to learn some dropshipping tips.

Dropshipping Business Tips

We’re going to uncover how you accomplish each of the three reasons someone may choose to buy from you listed above.

How To Be More Affordable

Make sure your prices are competitive compared to similar items on the market even if it means less margin for you. It is still profitable to you and when you get more orders, more volume means more margin! This includes ensuring that shipping costs are low.

How To Sell Unique Products

Another dropshipping tip is to find your style and your niche. It’s important for online stores to niche down to create a brand that stands out. Don’t blindly just import all bestselling products, but rather think about how they fit into your branding. If people can not tell your brand from another brand, why should they buy from you?

Steps for Creating Your Own Brand
  1. Use your own photo when you receive samples
  2. Take some inventory for products that Trendsi doesn’t offer but fit your brand
  3. In the future, consider doing your own design and manufacturing unique pieces
  4. Utilize various marketing channels and social media to showcase your pieces and their market value
How To Make Customers Feel Catered To

Put a huge emphasis on curation. This is why your customers will stay with your brand for the long term. Understand your customers and provide them with that personal touch. They buy from you because they know and trust your taste and curation for them.

You don’t need to have tons of customers to be a successful business. Maybe you only have a few hundred customers, but you get to know them really well. Be their stylist and they will continue to buy from you!

3 Steps to a Successful Online Brand
  1. Dropship First to Test Things Out.
  2. Take Inventory for Hot-Selling Products.
  3. Design and Manufacture Your Own Products.
Ready to Start Selling? Partner with Trendsi Today

Trendsi is not just a dropshipping service. We are a supply chain solution for business owners and we want to help everyone grow their e-commerce business. Growing your business starts with dropshipping.

We will be with you every step of your journey as your strongest supply chain backbone. In the end, Trendsi, YOU, and Shopify combined are competing against big-name retailers. We believe in the future of e-commerce where it isn’t monopolized by Amazon/SHEIN/TEMU, but instead, every business owner will have a shot.

Thrive with Trendsi today. 

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