Starting an Online Business: Why Dropshipping Jewelry is a Good Strategy

Traditionally, jewelry was a gift-only item. Fast-forward to 2020, and 31% of women in the US who purchased diamond jewelry bought it for themselves. 

Gone are the days when women had to wait for someone to gift them jewelry. Now, they’re buying their own. 

What has this to do with dropshipping? Women’s purchasing power has exploded, and they’re now partly responsible for 81% of jewelry purchases.

If you’re a drop seller that hasn’t expanded into jewelry, you’re missing out. Dropshipping jewelry can allow you to tap into attractive profit margins, low delivery costs, and more. 

If you pick the right jewelry dropshipping supplier, you’ll also be able to access these advantages without any upfront costs. 

Keep reading as we uncover some of the top reasons why you should consider dropshipping jewelry. 

Reasons to Dropship Jewelry

Nowadays, online boutique owners don’t have to pre-order inventory, hold it, pick it, pack it, and ship it. 

Dropshipping allows you to wave goodbye to managing inventory and has ultra-low start-up costs, making it the perfect side hustle. 

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already dipped your toes into dropshipping, and are thinking, “Yeah, yeah, what’s so special about dropping jewelry compared to other products?”

We’ll tell you. 

  • Packages Are Small and Light

Dropshipping jewelry has a few unique advantages. The first is that packages are smaller and lighter. 

This might not sound like a big deal, but if you’re a dropshipper, you know just how big of an impact package size and weight can have on your bottom line. 

The larger the items that customers order, the higher the delivery costs. If you’re offering your customers free shipping over a certain threshold, and they’re buying bulky items, the extra cost can eat into your profits. 

Jewelry has a unique advantage in that’s it ultra-compact and commands a high value. 

  • Sizing Is Simpler

Shopping online for fashion is great fun, provided buyers can return items that don’t fit. If buyers can’t return clothing items for free, they’re much less likely to order a garment online. 

Let’s face it, finding perfectly fitting jeans from a photo is tough. 

But jewelry is different. 

Jewelry sizing is far simpler than clothing sizing. Necklaces and earrings are pretty much one-size-fits-all. Rings have unidimensional sizes.

Unlike with pants, once you know your size in a ring, that’s that. 

  • Great Profit Margins and Great Prices For Your Customers

As we just mentioned, jewelry commands a high price point. 

If you choose to dropship jewelry, you can unlock attractive prices for your customers by cutting out the middleman. 

This is vital for triggering sales. Direct-to-consumer jewelry is changing everything. Customers are becoming accustomed to lower costs for better quality jewelry.

At the same time, you can also enjoy great profit margins for your business. Dropshipping jewelry has some of the best profit margins in the business. Why?

Because the items don’t have to be shipped and stored multiple times. Lower inventory costs and overhead expenses mean more room for profit.

Choosing a Jewelry Dropshipping Supplier

Dropshipping jewelry can turn into a lucrative online business (or boost your existing business). But, you need to partner with the right supplier if you want to realize the benefits we just listed. 

Stats show that 84% of eCommerce retailers say their biggest barrier to starting a business in the dropshipping space is finding a good supplier. 

To get you started finding the perfect dropshipping jewelry supplier, we compare the pros and cons of a few options below. 


BrandsGateway specializes in luxury fashion and designer brands. Their products are high-end, authentic, designer items. Although they are based in Europe, BrandsGateway ships worldwide.

Shipping usually takes between 3-5 days within Europe. For orders outside of Europe, delivery takes between 5-10 business days. 

Across multiple categories, BrandsGateway has an impressive array of stock, but their jewelry selection is somewhat limited. This supplier doesn’t specialize in jewelry, which can be a limiting factor if you’re looking for specific types of pieces to dropship, or want to build out a large online jewelry storefront. 

One of the perks of working with BrandsGateway is there are no minimum orders. But they do require you to pay for a membership. Currently, the entry-level membership is rising to $1,990 per year. 

On the plus side, BrandsGateway is renowned for providing good customer service. 


PierceBody is a large jewelry manufacturer that specializes in wholesale body jewelry. 

They have a wide customer base and produce a huge variety of body jewelry. However, their primary focus is body piercings. If you’re looking for elegant necklaces, bracelets, and rings, this might not be the ideal supplier. 

Although the PierceBody factory is in Bangkok, they have shipping offices in both the US and the UK. Their shipping times fall between 5-7 days. 

One of the benefits of this jewelry dropshipping supplier is they don’t charge a membership fee. 

However, the order process lacks automation, which can be very frustrating if you’re looking to streamline your business and win back time.

PierceBody offers responsive customer service. 


Spocket is a third party that connects manufacturers and dropshippers. They have a curated marketplace of suppliers that offer a huge range of products, including jewelry. 

Spocket’s suppliers are primarily based in the US and Europe. One of its advantages is that Spocket integrates with most e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. 

These integrations make it simple to import products and automate fulfillment. 

Although Spocket offers a free pricing plan, the features are quite limited. Paid plans range between $24 per month and $59 per month. 

Shipping ranges between 1-15 business days. 


Don’t click away, because we saved the best for last. 

We couldn’t write a list of jewelry dropshipping suppliers without including ourselves in it. 

Here at Trendsi, we’re proud to be able to offer one of the most convenient, accessible, and lucrative dropshipping services for our sellers. 

We offer a no-cost, no-obligation service. Not only do we stock a huge array of on-trend jewelry designs (and other fashion products from brands that you want in your online boutique)but we also make the entire dropshipping process 100% effortless. 

Through our integrations, you can quickly and simply import as many products as you want into your e-commerce store. 

We handle all of the backend work. When your customers make an order, you don’t have to lift a finger. 

We will pick, pack, and send off your order, complete with a branded invoice from you. Orders arrive within 2-10 days, and customers are eligible to make returns within 7 days. 

With our innovative back-end system, you can focus on building your brand instead of spending hours on order-related admin. 

There are no minimums, no upfront costs, and no commitments. We also provide open packs. 

We pride ourselves on having a pulse on the industry, both when it comes to fashion, dropshipping, and online retail. We offer both fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. 

Are You Ready to Start Dropshipping Jewelry?

Dropshipping jewelry can allow you to unlock incredible profit margins while slashing delivery costs. 

But to meet with success, you have to partner with the right dropshipping supplier. One that will allow you to streamline your business model so you can focus on building your brand. 

Want to access a huge array of jewelry that you can effortlessly import to your online store in a few clicks? Without any upfront inventory or membership costs? 

Sign up for a free Trendsi account today. 

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