How to Source Fast Shipping Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

If you’re in the wholesale clothing or dropshipping business, you know the importance of fast shipping for your customers. Fast shipping can make or break your business because it directly affects your reputation, customer loyalty, and sales. Unfortunately, sourcing fast shipping wholesale clothing vendors can be a challenge. 

So, what’s the best way to find a wholesale supplier for your business? In this article, we help you figure out how to source fast and trustworthy wholesale clothing suppliers with five simple strategies. We also cover why Trendsi is a top choice for wholesale clothing sellers.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the top fast shipping wholesale clothing suppliers for dropshipping. 

Strategies for Sourcing Fast Shipping Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Thankfully, it is possible to overcome these challenges. Here are some of the top strategies for sourcing the best fast shipping wholesale clothing suppliers.

Research and Identify Reputable Suppliers

The first step is to research and identify reputable fast-shipping wholesale clothing suppliers. You can use various sources to find potential suppliers, such as:

  • Online directories and marketplaces – These digital resources, such as Worldwide Brands and Clever Wholesale list verified wholesale clothing suppliers that offer fast shipping. Some of the best online directories and marketplaces include:
  • Trade shows and exhibitions – Attend trade shows and exhibitions that showcase wholesale clothing suppliers from different regions and countries. This way, you can meet them in person, see their products, and exchange contact information. Some of the most popular trade shows include:
  • Industry referrals and recommendations – Ask for referrals and recommendations from other businesses in your industry who have experience working with fast shipping wholesale clothing suppliers. Online reviews, testimonials, and ratings of different suppliers are other types of recommendations to check out. These can be found on websites such as The Better Business Bureau, each supplier’s website or Google Business Profile, or Trust Pilot. 
Popular Wholesale Suppliers Comparison
Supplier NameNiche and MarketCompany locationShipping TimeProsCons
TrendsiFashion, USUSUS: 2 – 7 business days Overseas: 5 – 10 business days– Fast & reliable shipping – Consistent high-quality products and quick restock – Open pack, low minimum – Low product price and high margin – Unbeatable customer service – Provide 3PL services to store and dropship your products– US market only – Don’t allow wholesale returns yet – Don’t allow 60 days payment later yet 
FaireGeneral,InternationalUS, EU, UK, CANo time guarantees – Wide product variety – Consistent high-quality products – Pay up to 60 days later – Allow return for 1st wholesale order– No shipping time guarantees  – Poor product restockability – Have to buy pack
Fashion GoFashion, US 
USNo time guarantees – Wide product variety – Consistent high-quality products – Pay up to 60 days later – Allow return for 1st wholesale order– US market only – No shipping time guarantees  – Poor product restockability – Have to buy pack
AliExpressGeneral, InternationalChina7-45 business days– Wide product selection – Open pack, low minumum – Low product price – Pay up to 60 days later– Poor product quality  – Poor product restockability – Slower shipping times – Don’t allow returns
Bloom Wholesale Fashion, USUSUS: 3-5 business days– Fast shipping – Low product cost – Allow return within 3 days of receipt of goods– Limited product variety – Have to buy pack – Poor product restockability – Don’t allow 60 days payment later
BrandsGateway High-end fashion, InternationalUS, EUEU: 3-5 business days Outside EU: 5-10 business days– Luxury products – 7-day return policy for defects and wrong shipped products – Fast shipping– Limited product variety and inventory – High cost and risk – Poor product restockability – Don’t allow 60 days payment later
Evaluate Supplier Capabilities

Another strategy is to evaluate the capabilities of the suppliers you’ve identified. The following are some factors to consider in your evaluation:

  • Design – You will need to thoroughly vet each supplier’s inventory to see if their designs are in line with your dropshipping business. Does the supplier have on-trend fashion pieces that are in demand? Designs should be unique and fashionable. 
  • Material – It’s important to note what materials are commonly used by the suppliers you are considering. You want high quality materials for the products you want to sell in your online store and don’t want to sacrifice quality for a higher profit margin. In the long run, customer satisfaction and loyalty will be more important than short-term savings.
  • Shipping and fulfillment infrastructure – Evaluate how the supplier ships their products, what carriers they use, what regions they cover, and how long they take to process any orders received. In addition, you may want to research the supplier’s warehouse facilities, packing methods, and quality control measures to ensure they align with your needs.
  • Track record of on-time deliveries – Before selecting a supplier, you should check how often they deliver their products on time, what percentage of orders they fulfill successfully, and how they handle returns and refunds.
  • Inventory management systems – Determine how the supplier manages their inventory, how they update stock availability, and how they handle out-of-stock situations. In addition, you should review their inventory catalog to ensure they have the products you want to sell. Evaluate how sellers sync and manage all stock information like SKU, quantity, location, etc. to ensure on-time delivery. 
Communication and Negotiation

Once you’ve found and selected a potential supplier, you’ll be ready to discuss specifics. Here are some tips for communicating and negotiating with a potential partner:

  • Clearly define expectations for shipping times – Make sure you have a clear agreement for shipping times and delivery time frames.
  • Discuss shipping options and costs – Review the various shipping options available for your orders, such as express, standard, or free delivery. You should also discuss the shipping costs involved such as freight charges, insurance fees, or customs duties. 
  • Establish a reliable communication channel – Determine the best way to communicate with the supplier and maintain regular contact. This way, you can update them on your order status, request tracking information, notify them of any issues, and respond promptly to their queries.
Test and Verify the Supplier’s Shipping Speed

After contacting and negotiating with your potential supplier, you should test and verify their shipping speed. Before placing a large order, successful dropshippers take the following steps:

  1. Place a small sample order: Order test products from the supplier to test their service quality and speed. 
  2. Monitor the shipping process and delivery time: Make note of any delays, shipping notifications, and inconsistencies.
  3. Assess the overall customer experience: Evaluate customer interactions with the supplier – from placing an order to receiving the product.

When testing the shipping process, you can also verify the quality of each product to ensure it matches its description. To take it a step further, you can also order the same product from multiple suppliers to determine which shipment is delivered fastest.

Sourcing the right fast shipping wholesale supplier for your business can be challenging. However, fast shipping can increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction. The strategies above can help you find the supplier that fits your business needs.

Trendsi Offers Fast Shipping Wholesale Clothing

If you are looking for a fast shipping wholesale clothing supplier, Trendsi could be the company for you. Trendsi is a one-stop-shop supply chain solution offering trendy, high-quality, and affordable wholesale clothing for women. 

Trendsi offers several advantages that make it stands out from other wholesale suppliers:

  • Fast and guaranteed shipping 
  • Open-pack wholesale on over 100,000 on-trend products
  • Consistent product quality and restockability
  • Full integration with Shopify and easy ordering process with simple online tracking status, order history, and account management
  • Unbeatable customer service

Sign up for free with Trendsi today and take your clothing business to the next level.

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