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Trendsi Trainings, Tips, & Tools

Trendsi's mission is to make it easier to own your business by providing you with the best tools and keeping up with the ever-changing world of eCommerce.

Whether you are an established shop owner, or just getting started, Trendsi has designated support and training teams to help you keep up with this ever-changing and growing industry we work in!! 

Not only do you have access to all our different types of training, tips, and webinars, but it is completely FREE!!

Let's explore the different tools Trendsi provides you with to ensure your success with your online boutique!



One of the many things that set Trendsi apart is that we offer support from the very beginning. We have a designated Onboarding Team. Upon sign-up, one of our amazing team members will personally reach out to our new users to help them get started and address any questions right away!

The Trendsi Tribe/Wednesday Webinars


If you haven't joined our Facebook community group, The Trendsi Tribe, then you are definitely missing out! You want to be sure you do not miss our Wednesday Webinars every week, with a multitude of different topics and guests, including our Cofounders, Customer Success Leader, and even some of our amazing Trendsists!! In addition, you can find live tips and trainings from our Community Leader, Hannah, and Customer Success Manager, Jaylene!

If all these amazing reasons were not enough to already encourage you to join, you will also find many successful and incredible boutique owners like yourself, who share their business tips, articles, and videos to help you with your own store!

Trendsi Blogs: Trendsi Tips


A great resource to start utilizing right away is our Trendsi Blog!! Unlike your traditional blog, we provide information on popular topics and useful tips to directly help you with your business! Take advantage of this opportunity by subscribing, because there is plenty more where that came from. You can also visit the Trendsi Blog at to check out all our previous Trendsi Tips.

Trendsi Help Center


I highly recommend referring to the Trendsi Help Center for answers to commonly asked questions. Here you will also find important help articles to assist you, whether you are using Shopify or The Trendsi Store.


Trendsi will do everything we can to help you realize your dreams and achieve your goals with your fashion business. We look forward to always growing together. 

With love, until next time Trendsists. And, as always, keep it classy.