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Trendsi Luxe: New Launch Schedule

Exciting things are happening here at Trendsi! Our Trendsi Express program is rapidly expanding, and new items are being added daily. In addition, Trendsi Luxe is adding a THIRD launch day! We are realigning the Luxe Launch schedule by moving launch days from Tuesday/Thursday to Monday/Wednesday/Friday. With this additional launch, we want to provide you with plenty of time to plan ahead by providing you with new Marketing Materials every Friday!

We've adjusted our entire USA launch cadence to accommodate this new launch schedule which will begin June 27th. Luxe Shoes will now be released every Tuesday, and Luxe Clearance on Thursdays.

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Trendsi is delighted to present this schedule change and to help you to continue to grow your business! Keep up to date on all things Trendsi by following Trendsi on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest.