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Trendsi Flash Sale: Mono B and Berness Shoes

As boutique owners, finding deals that you can't say no to is something that is both essential to maintaining your business and creating a spark of energy and excitement to grow your brand and sell more. That's why Trendsi Flash Sales have been such a hit! The growth opportunities and exciting great deals will continue with two vendors that we know you'll love: Mono B and Berness Shoes, from Thursday, September 15 until Thursday, September 29. Mark your calendars and get ready for steals and deals that you can't refuse!
These two brands go hand-in-hand with their high-performance activewear and athletic shoes, so take the opportunity to expand your activewear collection on your site! If you don't yet have an activewear category in your boutique, now's the time to start one! Activewear and athleisure, including athletic shoes, are quintessential to the modern wardrobe, functioning as easy outfits for daily activities, practical pieces necessary for taking health into your own hands, and loungewear for resting and relaxing (which is also critical to your health!) You can't go wrong with adding some activewear styles to your site, and our flash sale event is the perfect time to do so, with 15 styles from Mono B at up to 60% off wholesale, and over 20 styles from Berness!


Get to know the brands

Mono B was established in 2009 when imagined innovative designs of high-performance activewear, athleisure, loungewear, and swimwear were brought to life. Since the beginning, quality products have been made from fabrics that move with you seamlessly, so you can run, stretch, lift, or swim without your activewear slowing you down. Even with those high-performance and high-quality fabrics, prices are affordable, so everyone can enjoy performance wear made to keep up with even those who lead the most active lives. You can be confident that the designs Mono B create use the newest technology and the most recent trends to bring you the best of performance wear that is both functional and stylish, withstanding tests for comfort, durability, and dye transfer.

Berness Shoes has over a thousand styles of women's shoes, from sandals to boots, and everything in between. With a special affinity for sneakers and athletic shoes, its unique designs keep customers coming back for more. High-quality is a must for any shoe, especially athletic ones. That's why Berness focuses on using the best materials for its shoes, while also keeping comfort, support, and function in mind. Despite this, Berness still keeps its prices low. Shopping with Berness, you'll find everything from timeless styles to trendy and innovative designs, all made to keep your feet looking and feeling great!

Get Ready to Sell

Berness, Mono B and Trendsi will join up in our Facebook Community to host a live showcase on Wednesday, September 14 from 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST, where you can get a firsthand look at some of the styles that will be available during the flash sale! We can't wait to see you there!

Check out some of the items that will be on sale starting next week below!

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