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The Sweater Vest Trend Survives Another Season and We Are Loving It

Hello my dear Trendsists. Fall time is right around the corner, which means it's time for our favorite fall beverages and our favorite fall fashion items! Sweater vests have been on trend for a few seasons now and I am happy to report that this trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Why do so many people love this trend? Sweater vests are not new to the fashion world and it's easy to see why they always make a comeback. They are versatile, cozy, and chic, and as with every item trend that comes back around, they get better and better every time! With so many different styles, silhouettes, colors, and prints, there is sure to be one that will work with your customers' wardrobes.

With so many unique styles of sweater vests and more on their way, we wanted to share with you our top picks that we recommend adding to your online boutique to get you and your customers amped up for fall.


Cable Knit Sweater Vest

Trendsist Price: $26.88


We are starting this list off with a classic cable knit sweater vest. Tie detail at the waist adds a unique touch to this traditional sweater vest. A super-soft material, relaxed fit, and flattering v-neckline in a beautiful light blue earn this item a top spot in the sweater vest contenders list.


Printed V-Neck Sweater Vest

Trendsist Price: $16.97


If your customers love the sweater vest trend but want to add a little pop of color to their life, then look no further. This sweater vest comes in a variety of different colors and unique patterns and is great for those that want to stand out and add a nice flare to their outfit.



Contrast Neckline Sweater Vest

Trendsist Price: $16.56



Another oldie but a goodie, remember, you can never go wrong with the classics. This cozy sweater vest features a traditional contrast v-neckline that adds a feminine touch to this androgynous piece. The classic cut and style will make this a dependable item in your customers' wardrobes for years to come.


Houndstooth Pattern Sweater Vest

Trendsist Price: $13.00



Houndstooth is one of those patterns that never truly goes out of style and always makes a comeback. Prints are always big, especially in the fall, making this the perfect combo of edgy yet cozy. Pair with a traditional white button-down shirt and tennis skirt to achieve the ultimate trendy fall outfit.



Contrast Stripe V Neck Cropped Sweater Vest

Trendsist Price: $16.61



If your customers are a lover of crop tops (a woman after my own heart), then we have the perfect match for their wardrobe. The traditional contrast stripe v-neckline sweater vest gets a modern upgrade with a cropped silhouette. Great as a stand-alone piece and essential for layering when it gets cold!



Color Block Sweater Vest

Trendsist Price: $23.13



An adorable multicolor design suitable for your customers that enjoy taking a walk on the brighter side. Contrasting colors will liven up any outfit. A versatile piece that can be dressed up with a skirt or button-down shirt, or dressed down when styled over a basic tee.



Plaid Sweater Vest

Trendsist Price: $22.50



Last, but of course, certainly not least, we have this stunning plaid sweater vest. Plaid is another pattern that never goes out of style and always comes back strong every fall. This vest will help your customers achieve that 'cool but effortless' vibe that so many of us strive for in the fall.


Help your consumers stay up to trend by adding these items to your online boutique. There is plenty more where that came from, so be sure to check every Monday-Friday to see all the amazing new fall arrivals we have in store (pun intended) for you and your customers.

Until next time, Trendsists, and as always, keep it classy.

by: Brandi Brown, Trendsi Stylist