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Summer Sales Event: Important Categories You Should Be Using

Hello again dear Trendsists. We hope that you have been enjoying our ongoing Summer Sales Event and are happy to see everyone taking advantage of the additional rebates and bonuses. Keep up all the hard work!

Now that you know all the great ways this event can pay off for you, lets go over the important two categories you should be using to help you find great products to add to your online store.

HOT Category


You will have realized that we recently added a few new categories, including the 'HOT' category. The HOT category will help you identify our Top Sellers, Trending Items, and our Newest Arrivals.


Many of you have asked to identify our top selling items, and we have now made this available to you. You will find all of our best selling items in Top Sellers. These are great items to add to your store, because they have already proven to be items customers are sure to love.

Trending items are popular styles that are currently on trend in the Fashion industry and for the current season. Customers love keeping up with the newest trends and the seasons cutest clothing. We have identified these items for you, so you don't have to. Trending items are also sure to be a hug hit for your business.

New Arrivals can also be found here, in addition to the NEW Category.

NEW Category


Now if you are an OG Trendsist, you are already very familiar with our NEW Category. Trendsi lists new items everyday of the week, Monday through Friday. You can see all new arrivals in the order they are listed. Be sure to check back everyday on all the amazing new items we have available for you to use. We are constantly adding new styles, new types of products, and the most current. Take advantage by being one of the first people to add these products to your store as soon as they are listed.


You also have the option to browse new by a specific type of item, great for people who focus on a specific niche or are looking to add more variety of a specific item. Always remember to help the handy filter options to meet your personal preferences.

Remember the Sales Event will continue until August 15th, which still leaves you with plenty of opportunities to earn more bonuses and rebates. Utilizing these tools and adding these products to your store will be sure to help with all those opportunities.

Trendsi is always working on more ways to help you and running your online business be as simple and successful as possible. We always appreciate your feedback. If you ever have any suggestions, reach out to Trendsi Support anytime, we would love to hear them.