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Shoes Have Arrived!!

Trendsi is excited to announce the official launch of the Luxe Shoe Collection!

This highly requested product category is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited for you to have these available for your business!

Shoes not only allow you to offer your customers a complete head-to-toe look from your store, but they also add an increased level of diversity to the products you offer.

The Luxe shoe line was developed with two major goals in mind: style and cost.

This first launch collection is comprised of best-selling styles and silhouettes within the online marketplace, increasing your business’s desirability. Trendsi’s buying team researched best-selling styles to ensure these shoes came with immense customer demand. You will see a curation of sandals, espadrilles with and without heels, open-toe heels, and sneakers.

Price was a very large factor in this decision. Without sacrificing comfort, the Luxe Shoe collection meets the current selling climate at incredible price points. We know that you will be incredibly surprised by these prices and are excited that you will be able to get a profit margin of at least 2.5 to 3 times the wholesale cost.

To allow for increased efficiency of marketing for Luxe Shoes, every shoe comes with professional quality photos. These photos are perfect to add to your product catalog, to make ad-worthy content, or to assist you as you go live and showcase the styles.

Luxe Shoes are NOT following our normal Trendsi Luxe sample buying model. Why? Because we have developed a rapid restock model for Luxe Shoes, allowing restock of sold-out shoes within approximately 24 hours. For Luxe shoes we do not need a sample buying period because they will be continuously available. If your online business has a waitlist or preauthorization capability, we highly recommend you endorse it for Luxe Shoes!

Luxe Shoes are available NOW! Check out the Shoe listing on your Trendsi App, which is conveniently located under the Accessories and Beauty tab. We are so excited for you and cannot wait for your customers to receive their amazing new shoes! It will be very hard to decide on your favorite and we believe your customers will feel the same!

Simple & Sleek Sandals...

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Copy of Must-H

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Cute & Comfy Slides...

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Chic Wedges & Heels...

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Copy of Must-H (5)


Sleek Sneakers & Slip-Ons...

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