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Trendsi Tips: Branding

How do I get customers?

This is the most asked question when I have one-on-ones with sellers. But before worrying about making a sale, you should first think about your business from a customer’s perspective.


Brand Identity


Think about your favorite fashion or lifestyle brands. What about the brand draws you to them over and over again? Now more than ever, customers want to know the face behind the brand especially when it comes to small businesses.

There is one unique thing to help your brand stand out and that is YOU. Start with what you are passionate about and what drives you to start your own business. Show your personality through your brand to differentiate from the rest. Don’t be afraid to post or talk about yourself other than pushing products to your customers. Because after all, there is only one you, and that will make your brand stand out from the plethora of other online stores around.


Visual Appeal


In a normal brick-and-mortar store, customers are attracted by product placements, layouts, and interior decorations. Bring this same idea to your online brand.


Now that you have your brand identity, decide on a logo. Use free resources like Canva to create one or if graphic design is not your strength, hire a designer to help you. There are many affordable options available online and a simple google search will connect you with the right person. You can even try freelance websites like


Decide on what colors best represent your brand and stick to them for a more cohesive look. In general, you should have 2-3 primary colors and then 2-3 accent colors. Your customers want a smooth shopping experience and the first thing they will notice is the design of your website or social media accounts. My personal favorite site to use is to decide on a color palette.
Once you have a logo and color palette, make sure your product photos match the aesthetic of your brand. The great thing about Trendsi is that you can order samples to take your own photos/videos in order to match your look.

Social Selling


Growing your social media accounts organically has become harder to achieve because more and more brands are using it to market their products. All major social media platforms are now saying that you need one very important thing to grow and that is content.


Customers are looking for more than just products when they shop from small businesses. They can easily go to large chain stores or websites to make their purchases, so why should they buy from you? Be more than just a website with products.


Social selling is just like your favorite books and movies’ characters, if you can craft a compelling brand story, your audience will remember who you are, develop empathy for you, and, ultimately, care about you.


Unsure of where to start? Read this helpful article about where customers are shopping on social media and some tips on where to start.



When I first became a live seller, my customer base did not just grow overnight. It took months of consistently going live and working on my social media presence in order to gain new customers.

The key is to not be too hard on yourself and focus on how much you’re not selling. Instead, focus on smaller achievements in order to reach your ultimate goal. For me, that was going live 3 times per week and posting on my social media accounts daily. I did that consistently for three months and saw positive results. So be patient, believe in yourself, and hard work will pay off.