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Marketing Materials For Our Trendsists

 Trendsi's biggest mission is to help all of our Trendsist succeed in their own business, by making your job easier and allowing you to focus on your brand, and make your sales. Trendsi understands how important marketing is when running an online business.

We have received multiple requests for marketing materials. Once again, you asked, and we listened. Here we will provide all the marketing materials you need to help represent your brand and market your business.




Represent one of the most exciting new brand drops: Levi's. This banner can be easily downloaded and linked on your website to get your customer excited about your Levi's collection.


Activewear is always a huge hit among customers and is one of our top-performing categories. With so many great styles to choose from and super affordable pricing, this is a good category to feature on your home page.


Hyfve, originally known as Double Zero, is a well-known LA Brand whose reputation precedes itself. Offering good quality and amazing pricing, this is a brand your customers are sure to be excited about.


Get your customers prepared for 'Hot Girl Summer' by spotlighting all your favorite Spring/Summer styles.


Email Content


Emails are a proven way to market your online store successfully. Notifying customers of what you have available in your store, and getting them excited to shop is one reason why emails are so successful. Sending a marketing email with these images and linking items directly to your store will get your customers shopping right away with just one simple click from their email.


We hope that you will find this material useful and plan on continuously releasing new material for you to use for marketing your business. Remember the most important part about Trendsi is you, our Trendsists.


Until next time Trendsists, and as always, keep it classy.