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How Our Branded Invoices Help Personalize Customer's Orders




As a store owner, working with Trendsi, you don't have to worry about the order fulfillment process because we do it for you. But what if you want your packaging to be more personalized, to directly associate your brand with each package? With Trendsi's new branded invoice feature you are able to do just that! The best part is, it's so simple to do and takes very little of your time, so you can keep focusing on your store and making those sales.


Not only do you now have the option to upload your own store logo/graphic to appear at the top of each branded invoice, but Trendsi has taken it a step further and has provided you with the option to include a personal message. Statistics show that consumers love personalized details like this and help solidify your relationship with your customers, keeping them wanting to come back for more.

We made it easy for you to brand and personalize your customer's invoice and this can be done through both the web and mobile apps.


In the web app, you will see the 'Packaging' option in the left-side panel to upload your logo and personalized message. 

In your mobile app, the 'Packaging' option can be accessed in the 'Store' tab. The 'Store' tab is located at the bottom of the app. 

Once you have uploaded your own personal logo and personalized message, you will be able to see a live preview of how it will display on your customer's invoices.  

Moving forward, all packages will include your branded invoice with a logo, personal message, and order details.

Another great thing about this feature, is you are able to update your personal message at anytime.

Be sure to go take advantage of this feature right away and get your branded invoice setup. Trendsi will continue to implement more exciting features like this in the future to continue improving our User Experience and Customer Success.