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5 Spring Items That Will Send Your Customers To Check Out Right Away



Dear Trendsists, we've all been there. You're scrolling through your favorite brand's line sheet when you come across the most beautiful piece. You can't get it out of your mind and you know you absolutely must have it!

\While there are thousands of different Trendsi items to shop from, these are 5 beautiful spring pieces that will have your customers, even yourself, heading to check out right away. Start importing to your store and get the sales going! 



Swiss Dot Top with Ruched Waist

Trendsist Price: $13.00

Live out your Victorian inspired fantasies in this dainty and romantic, off the shoulder, puff sleeve-top. Puff sleeves and statement sleeves have made their rounds throughout the decades and seasons, bringing femininity and drama to your every day capsule wardrobe. We are proud to say they are here to stay. We offer a variety of different styles of tops and dresses with a statement sleeve, but this one by far is our favorite and will even carry you into the upcoming summer months.


Basic Trench Coat 

Trendsist Price: $10.40 

Even though there are so many exciting and trendy new pieces available, its always good to remember the classic wardrobe staples we all must have. This Basic Trench Coat has been a huge hit since we released it and is lightweight enough to make it the perfect transitional piece. Trench coats are always timeless and will be a go-to for years to come.


Round Hoop Earrings

Trendsist Price: $7.99


Nothing screams classy more than an elegant pair of hoop earrings. The gold color brings warmth to all springtime outfits, so versatile, they can be paired with absolutely anything. Go casual or dressy, and for the price, you can't go wrong!


Distressed Denim Skirt  

Trendsist Price: $10.67


Sticking with tradition, the weather gets warmer and the legs come out to make their appearance. A denim skirt paired with a retro acid wash and modern distressed detailing give this reliable piece a trendy upgrade. The outfit options with this skirt are endless.




Polka Dot Bodysuit  

Trendsist Price: $11.05


Sheer tops are making a come-back this Spring, so how could you resist this bodysuit. We love the nude illusion, making the perfect combination of sexy yet classy. Even better, this bodysuit comes in both white and black.


By: Brandi Brown, Trendsi Stylist