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8 Reasons You Should Choose Trendsi For Your Online Business




After daydreaming of starting your own business for so long, you're finally ready! You've decided that you want to work with a drop-shipping company to take away the pains that can come with running your own business, and now you're wondering, who is the best company for me? Trendsi. I know what you are all thinking, I am biased. But as a Trendsist myself I can attest to how amazing they are and how much they have helped me realize my dream of owning my own online store and how Trendsi has helped me make my dream a reality.

But don't just take my word for it, you can develop that opinion on your own after reading this. Here are 8 reasons why Trendsi is the best company to help you and your online business.


1) Let's Talk About Money


One of the first questions many people ask Trendsi is "How much does it cost?" Trendsi is currently a no-cost, no-risk service. We want to focus on helping you achieve your business goals and focus on your brand. Most companies require a monthly or yearly subscription fee, whereas Trendsi does not. That means you have more money to invest into your business and also means more money in your pocket. On top of that, Trendsi offers the best wholesale pricing meaning that your profit margin is even higher.

"What's the catch?" you might ask. We just ask that once you experience how much Trendsi can do for you, that you share your experience with other users that are in the market for a company to partner with. As a new and growing business, reviews and feedback are always welcomed and encouraged, so we can know how we are doing, and any recommendations on how we can help you more. Feel free to leave us a Review on Shopify.


2) Trendsi's Mobile App/Web App








Trendsi has made it easy for you to manage products, orders, create collections, upload to your store, and so much more through our mobile and web apps. All the information you need regarding products, earnings, stores, and even creating your own collections can all be accessed and managed through these apps.




3) The Ability to Easily Sell Through Your Desired Network


With the use of the Trendsi Mobile/Web app you are able to easily post, share, and sell products through Social Media and Shopify. Trendsi has integrated our platform to make it easier than ever to update New Arrivals to your store and easily share with your customer base. All you have to do is choose what channel to use, or use them all if you so desire, because it is that easy.


4) Branded Invoices


I've done a whole blog on this one before, be sure to go check it out:
How Our New Branded Invoice Feature Will Help You Personalize Customer's Orders

Trendsi allows you to create a Branded Invoice through the Mobile/Webb app to personalize your customer's orders. This benefits you as a store owner because it eliminates the trace of using a third party and also adds a personal touch for your customers.


5) Popular and Designer Brands


Trendsi is an authorized seller of many well-known and designer brands that you may recognize from large retailers. This gives you exclusive access to sell these brands in your store. These brands are well recognized and well received by customers. Not only do we carry these amazing brands, but we offer them to you at a fraction of the cost anywhere else which also gives you the chance to offer these brands to your customers at a competitive price.


6) New Arrivals Every Day!


Trendsi understands that fashion and trends are always changing, and with that people are always on the search for new additions to add to their wardrobe. Trendsi offers new arrivals every day of the week. We are constantly expanding our categories, items, styles, and sizing. One of our goals is to be all inclusive, so there is something for everybody. With more to choose from everyday, this allows you to appeal to more consumers and expand your customer base.


7) Training and Support


One of the most amazing things, as if I haven't mentioned enough, Trendsi does is offers you all the Training and Support you need to run a successful business. From the beginning, we have a trainer available to help you with your business whether you are an existing store owner or just starting. On top of that, Trendsi also has a dedicated Facebook group where Trendsi constantly provides tips, notifications, and articles, you are able to share your own thoughts, and network with and support your fellow Trendsists.


8) Amazing Customer Support Team/Help Center


Trendsi understands that there are many questions you may have as a business owner and many things can come up during your entrepreneur journey. We have an entire Help Center with answers to frequently asked questions you may have. What if you are not able to find your answer in the support center? No worries! Trendsi has your back 24/7 with an amazingly talented and attentive support team. You can reach out by chat or email and it normally only takes a few minutes for someone to respond.


Of all the reasons that makes Trendsi so amazing, I want you to remember the most important thing about Trendsi: you, the Trendsists. Trendsi is so grateful to have the opportunity to work with each and everyone of you! After all, that's what the business is all about, you. We strive to help you achieve your goals and make your business as easy and successful as possible.


With love, until next time Trendsists. And, as always, keep it classy.