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Our Hottest Sales Event: Summer Top Sellers

The most important thing to us here at Trendsi, is you, our Trendsists. You all have put so much hard work into each of your online fashion businesses and we see you. To show you our appreciation and to reward you for all that work, we have an exciting new event that will help you earn more money, through rebates and bonuses, including additional rebates on all your qualifying orders, for an entire month!

Starting July 15th, we will host our 'Summer Top Sellers' event and will run until August 15th. That gives you an entire month, providing you with multiple opportunities to qualify for all the great rebates and bonuses available to you. Here is everything you need to know about this event.

Order Rebates: 3%, 4%, and 5% 

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Enjoy a rebate on all your orders for each qualified purchase. Eligibility for these additional rebates prior to July 22nd is outlined above; the more you sell, the more you earn! All products are eligible for this rebate, and all qualified orders during the event are eligible for these rebates. Any canceled, refunded, or unpaid orders will not be counted. Rebate will be issued 30 days after the event ends.


For every order placed on or after July 22nd until the end of the event, you will be eligible for the same great rebates. We have lowered the order amount required because we want everyone to receive as many chances for these rebates as possible. 

$100 Rebate for Adding Products

During this event, you will receive a $100 bonus by adding 100+ new Trendsi products to your Shopify store and when you sell $300+ during the event. Any tags you see for this event (Trending, New, Top Sellers) will not display when products are added to your store. Sample orders, and orders that have been refunded or unpaid at this time will not count. The bonus will be issued within 30 days after the event ends. Each user is only eligible for this $100 bonus once during the event.

$100 New Referral Bonus

Get a referral bonus of $100 for every new small business owner that successfully signs up with Trendsi during this event. Your referrals must sell $300+ and make 10+ orders within their first 30 days in order to qualify.Sample orders, and orders that have been refunded or unpaid at this time will not count. The rebate will be issued within 60 days after the event ends. Each user can only be referred once. Your friends need to enter your referral code during sign-up in order to be eligible for this event.

We would love for each and every one of you to benefit from this event. Start working your way towards bonuses, sales, and rebates, right away and adding more great products to your store. Good luck to all of you and happy selling! Go to the Summer Sales Event now.

* The final interpretation right of the event belongs to Trendsi.
* Paypal is Trendsi's preferred method of payment to pay out rebates and bonuses.
* Sales for this event refers to your order amount paid to Trendsi.