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New Feature - Local Pickup Orders

The Trendsi team has been hard at work to optimize the Local Pickup order experience for both Shopify and CommentSold sellers!
Shopify Local Pickup Orders
The address you have designated as the local pickup address in your Shopify store will automatically sync to the Trendsi app.
CommentSold Local Pickup Orders
Trendsi is now able to identify local pickup orders from CommentSold and will use your Trendsi default address as the shipping address.
For all CommentSold sellers who offer local pickup as an option, please ensure you have set your local pickup address as default in the Trendsi app.
You can set your default address by going to Account --> Settings --> Shipping Addresses
All local pickup orders will show in the Trendsi app with:
  • Customer's Name and Phone Number
  • Local Pickup Address
  • Local Pickup tag
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Shipping Notifications
Shopify shipping and tracking notification emails will not be sent to your customers since these orders are being shipped to you. Once you receive the order and it's ready for your customer to pick up, you can go into the order on Shopify to mark it as Ready for pickup and that will trigger an email to your customer.
Combined Local Pickup Orders
If you combined multiple local pickup orders into one, our updated invoice will separate each order with the corresponding customer information. Making it easy for you to distribute once it's received.
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For more information on local pickup orders, please see our help article.

We are working on even more exciting things to come, so stay tuned! If you have any questions, please reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support via and they will be happy to assist you.
The Trendsi Team