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Marketing Content Ideas

Hello, again dear Trendsists. Recently, we released a blog, Growing Your Audience Through Engaging Social Media Contentand provided you with tips on posting engaging social media content. Do you have all the tips you need for engaging content, but still are having trouble coming up with ideas? Don't worry, we have you covered.

In this article, we will go over different types of content ideas for you to post and the platforms you can use with these ideas to continue growing your audience, building brand awareness, and engaging your customers.




One of the easiest ways to ensure reactions is by using polls and questions! People love to be a part of something and share their own opinions, so by using polls and interactions you will be sure to get more engagement than a regular post or story. Facebook and Instagram are the best to post polls and questions as they both have these options whether you are sharing a post or a story.


The most important rule to always remember is to have fun with it! Here are some ideas you can use for polls/questions.

  1. This or that. Post two different colors of the same item and have them choose their favorite. You can also get creative and create a theoretical scenario in which they would need to choose an outfit, and provide outfit options. This encourages interaction and gets people excited about your product.
  2. Favorite trends or items. Trends are constantly changing, and whether people follow them or don't, there will always be trends that are more popular, especially depending on your personal customer base. By directly asking people what they want, you are easily able to identify their demand and then provide products that match that demand.
  3. Media references/current events. Remember, that social media is a great tool to build brand awareness. Many people choose to shop from a store because of their loyalty to that brand as there are plenty of options to purchase the same clothes or styles everywhere. Personalize your brand by posting polls and questions about things you enjoy or keep up with, even if it is not necessarily related to your products. Ask questions about your favorite TV shows or even recommendations for your next trip!
  4. Designers vs dupes. A popular type of poll I have seen and enjoy is when stores post a designer item and a dupe offered at their store! People love dupes and being able to provide people with a fashionable, quality alternative that is also budget-friendly will build your credibility.
  5. Quizzes. I am sure that we have all enjoyed a trivia night or playing a trivia card game with our friends and family. Host quizzes with themes or topics that relate to your brand and product. Not only will this provide you with feedback from your customers, but will also strengthen your connection with them. 


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Probably one of the most common types of social media content posts used in most industries is images, especially if you use Instagram and/or Pinterest. An image post gives you the creative liberty to share just about anything you want and can consist of text, graphics, and pictures.


When using images to build brand awareness, it is important to keep in mind an aesthetic and to ensure that every post matches your branding and brand aesthetic. With so many images out there, you want to make sure your posts are eye-catching and to always include trending industry-related hashtags to encourage traffic to your page. Images are also a good opportunity to use 'call-to-action' phrases to encourage interactions and engagement. Here are some image ideas to boost your posts.

  1. Brand/product spotlights. Do you have a new style/brand your current customers have been loving? If it's already loved by many, chances are there are plenty of more people that would enjoy that item as well. Showcase these items and be sure to include their popularity with phrases like, "selling fast," or "get it while it's hot." This builds a sense of urgency. Also remember a call-to-action phrase like, "shop link in bio," to encourage people to start shopping!
  2. Fashion/style advice. These posts are always fun to me and people enjoy them too! People love styling and product suggestions, which benefit you as a store owner because this is a great way to upsell! These types of posts also build your credibility as a great resource in the industry. Remember to use call-to-action phrases like, "like and follow for more fashion advice," to grow your audience and followers.
  3. Conversation starters. As we went over earlier, people love any opportunity to share their opinions or discuss something they are passionate about. Post an image with a question or topic related to the industry for people to share their thoughts and ideas. Not only does this encourage engagement, but is a great way to get to know your customers and feedback.
  4. Motivational quotes. We all love a good motivational quote. Whether it's a quote related to the industry or some good life motivation. Remember that your posts do not always have to be product-related. The goal is to also build a relationship with your audience.
  5. Sales/deals. Who doesn't love a good bargain!! Sales are a great way to encourage new customers. Anytime you have a sale, share it with your customers and build up the excitement. Don't forget to build a sense of urgency and use your "call-to-action" phrases!
  6. Entertainment. One of the biggest reasons people love social media is for entertainment! Show off your inner comedian with some industry-related humor or entertainment. Just remember to have fun with it!! If you find it amusing, chances are others will too. Not quite sure what you want to do for your own content? This is a great opportunity to use curated content like a funny meme for example.
  7. Educational. Just like when sharing advice, sharing an educational post related to the industry is just another way to build your credibility! Share your go-to style-hacks or upcoming trends each season. The more people view you as a credible source, the more likely they are to 'share' your content. Don't forget your 'call-to-action' phrases and encourage people to share. This is also a great opportunity to use curated content as well.
  8. Celebrate achievements and holidays. Did you achieve a huge business goal or is there a huge consumer holiday coming up? Share your achievements and celebrate your success with your audience! Celebrate and build up excitement around big holidays, especially consumer-based holidays when people are doing the most amount of shopping.
  9. Show gratitude. People want to be included and love being appreciated! Share your love and appreciation to demonstrate how much your loyal customers have contributed to your success. Doing so creates a sense of community within your customer base.
  10. Customer reviews. Your audience already knows that you love and support your products, so it is important to share your loyal customers' reviews and testimonials. People trust each other more than they trust businesses. This is another great way to build brand credibility and encourage new customers to shop.



Next to images, videos are one of the most commonly posted and viewed types of content people interact and engage with. A best practice is to use a balanced combination of image and video posts. Video ads also tend to perform better than image-based ads. Between YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram/Facebook reels and stories, you have plenty of opportunities to share your videos. YouTube can be used for longer videos, whereas TikTok and Facebook/Instagram reels and stories are great for short videos. 


Although recording videos is the most time-consuming content to create, it is also the most fun!! Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun with it, because that will translate to your audience and make you more entertaining to watch. There are so many different types of video content that you can create and share on any platform, but here are just a few of our favorite video ideas for you to use!

  1. Live videos. If you have been with Trendsi for a while, I am sure you have already heard this recommendation countless times, but it's because it works! Going live allows you to interact in real-time with your customers, gain feedback, and answer their questions. This allows you to connect with your customers and build brand awareness. Another plus is once you go live on Facebook, you have the option to save your video for people to replay later. You can easily use 'call-to-action' phrases to encourage engagement and increase your chances of the algorithm boosting/recommending your video to potential customers.
  2. Business story. Sharing your brand story is a great way to connect with your customers. Remember, people purchase from specific stores to support that brand, and sharing your business story will set you apart from other businesses in the industry.
  3. Lookbooks/styling. Same as with images, people love styling tips and recommendations and they build your credibility as a reliable source. Create a lookbook for a theoretical event or theme or how to style one of the season's most sought-after trends. This is also a great way to upsell and encourage people to order more when purchasing from your store!!
  4. Fashion/clothing hacks. Everyone enjoys a good life hack. Take this opportunity to share your fail-proof clothing hacks you think others will find useful. Chances are if someone loves your hacks, they will share it with others, driving more traffic to your store.
  5. Hauls/unboxing. While scrolling through any social media platform, I am sure that you have come across several hauls or unboxing videos. Take advantage of their popularity by sharing your most recent sample purchases or unboxing new sample orders! This is a great way to build value in the products you carry and share new arrivals with your audience to build up their excitement for new releases.
  6. Reactions/ratings. Reaction videos are another very popular video trend!! Remember that trends are important to utilize as your content is more likely to reach more people! React to or rate anything related to the industry. This includes red carpet looks, runway trends, or even looks from your favorite shows! Not only is this entertaining but also opens up discussions among your audience.


These are just some of the many great content ideas you can use to boost your social media presence and audience engagement. Utilize these ideas and work them into your marketing plan. Consistency is always key, so try creating a plan and schedule specific days for specific types of content to set your audience's expectations of what to expect, as they are sure to come back for more!!

Until next time, Trendsists, and as always, keep it classy.