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Luxe Independence Day Collection: No Sample Buying Period

Hello Trendsi Family!

We are super excited! In addition to our normal Trendsi Luxe Pre-launch for 6/21 and 6/23 tomorrow, we will be launching our Trendsi Luxe Independence Day Collection!

With Independence Day less than a month away, we will be releasing 19 brand new Americana-themed styles with NO SAMPLE BUYING PERIOD - these are immediately available to sell to your customers!

You, of course, can buy samples if you'd like but this collection is following the same pattern as our shoes launch; you can quickly offer these items to your clients.

Set those alarms! At 8 AM EST, this collection will be live and once it's gone, it's gone! We hope you love this display of red, white, and blue as much as we do! Click here to view the collection and start adding to your store!

Untitled design (55)
Untitled design (60)Untitled design (57)
Untitled design (54)
Untitled design (58)
Untitled design (56)Untitled design (61)