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It’s getting hot in here - Summer Sale

Are these long summer days cooling down your sales momentum? Trendsi is here to heat things up with a few highly requested (and long-awaited) Trendsi Luxe adjustments.
There will be a massive “end of season” sale with deep discounts on hundreds of Luxe styles, launching Thursday, August 4. The second and third waves of clearance items will drop on August 11 and August 18.
As items are sold out, they will be delisted and we will make warehouse space for all the cozy sweaters and cute booties that are in such high demand for fall. You may have noticed several warm weather styles already sold out and delisted, and this is in preparation for all the deep discount sales and new fall inventory that’s on the way!
So let's break it down:
  1. Round one of the “It's getting hot in here” clearance kicks off Thursday, August 4.
    (Everything else is normal this week)
  1. For the July 29 sample buying (August 8, 10 & 12 Luxe launches) you’ll notice there is no customer launch scheduled for Friday, August 12 - this is because instead of a regular launch, we will be dropping round 2 of clearance.
  1. August 5 sample buying (the 15 & 17 & 19 launches) will also exclude the Friday Luxe launches so that you can leverage round 3 of clearance. 
  1. You’ll also notice the August 5 sample buying period will include SHOES! Due to an overwhelming amount of community requests, you’ll see shoes blending into the Luxe collection moving forward. There will no longer be a Tuesday shoe launch. We are working hard to source shoe styles that blend into Luxe launches seamlessly and we view this as an exciting adjustment.
Please reference the August Luxe Calendar below for clarity, and cheers to an epic end-of-Summer season. Let's crush this!