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Introducing: Trendsi Express

Dear Trendsists,

With much excitement & anticipation, we are pleased to officially announce the newest addition to our marketplace: Trendsi Express!

This is a brand new initiative and a big milestone delivered by a huge effort from the entire Trendsi team. Trendsi Express is not only designed to provide faster shipping time but is more emphasized in solving the Out-Of-Stock (OOS) problem on best-selling products. As a result of adopting a new re-stocking mechanism, new warehouse technology, as well as working closely with selected manufacturers, in the Trendsi Express category, you will be able to enjoy lower wholesale prices, same-day shipping, and a very stable inventory of our best-selling White Label styles.

New items will launch every Wednesday and Friday with the first two launches coming April 6th & April 8th, so mark your calendars and be on the lookout for your next best-seller!

What Sets Trendsi Express Apart?

  • Stable Inventory: Just in time (JIT) manufacturing

  • Same-day Shipping: 5-8 business days

  • Global picks: proven best selling products

  • Competitive wholesale prices

  • Boutique style product photos, descriptions, and titles

Why is this important? In the retail market, OOS is just as big a problem as overstock(OS) but much easier to be overlooked, which would cause a substantial loss to retailers. Trendsi's mission is to make E-Commerce easier for everyone, and more importantly, to make you successful. Trendsi's drop shipping service is the first step to solving the OS problem for you, and now we are working on the second step, removing OOS from your business! Our entire team has been hard at work these past months to make this happen and now we can finally provide Trendsi Express as a secret weapon to help your business to grow! While this program is still very young and may have hiccups here and there (feedback is a gift, as always), we deeply believe Trendsi Express is the right direction to help you grow your boutique business. We are so excited!

Stay up to date with all things Trendsi by joining our online community, browsing our Trendsi knowledge base, or reaching out to our amazing Customer Support Team via the chat feature at!


The Trendsi Team