10 Best Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers in 2023

Shopify dropshipping suppliers in the us

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for making money, growing, and promoting your business. More than 4 million ecommerce stores are available on Shopify. Most of them are resellers and collect products from dropshipping services.

According to a report, over 7% of Shopify shops depend on dropshipping suppliers. Choosing a reliable and Shopify-integrated dropshipping dealer is quite difficult these days. 

For the best outcome, you need to find a drop shipper with wide product niche collections, useful features, accurate shipping time, and a reasonable pricing plan.

In this article, we have answered these questions and shortlisted the best Shopify dropshipping suppliers in the US after doing thorough research based on their features, pros, cons, shipping time, pricing, etc.

An Overview of The Best Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers in the US

Shopify is the world’s largest digital platform for ecommerce business. Over the years, it’s more popular because it provides a great opportunity for resellers, small businesses, and enterprises. 

For the business growth of resellers, numerous dropshipping companies are available in the market, but not all offer the best service and budget-friendly pricing. 

After in-depth research, we’ve found 10 Shopify dropshipping suppliers that can help you generate double sales and ensure accurate shipping time.

Let’s have a quick look at the best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify.

Supplier NameProduct NicheShipping TimePricing
TrendsiFashion products of women like clothing, accessories, etc1 to 2 business daysFree
ModalystFashion items and print-on-demand collections1 to 2 business days● Start- Up plan- $35 
● Pro plan- $90 
● Hobby- free
AliExpressAutomobiles, tech items,  fashion products for everyone, home, garden, electronics, etc15 to 45 daysFree
SynceeFurniture, fashion, toys & hobbies, office, stationeries, health & beauty, mother & kids, pet supplies, gadgets, devices4 to 10 days● Starter plan- Free 
● Basic- $29 
● Pro- $49 
● Business- $99
SaleHooGadgets & accessories, fashion products, kids items, pet supplies, etc4 to 30 days● Basic plan- $27 
● Premium plan- $97
Wholesale 2BClothing, electronics, pet supplies, baby items, computers, gym equipment, perfumes, home decor, beauty items, health supplies, etc1 business day● Import to store- 
● Import to marketplace- $37.99 
● Custom- $49.99
CJ DropshippingHealth and beauty, electronics, home & garden, jewelry, and more items7 to 15 daysFree
Worldwide BrandsPet supplies, kids’ products, fashion items, books, baby & maternity, party accessories, food & drink, etc7 days● Recurring plan- $90 
● Multiple deals- $110 
● Lifetime plan- $299
MegagoodsHousehold items, devices, accessories, kitchen appliances, electronics, music players, television, sound system, gaming products etc1 to 2 business days● Each order- $1.50 
● Monthly plan- $14.99
ZendropArt supplies, bags, bath and beauty, food, gaming, electronics, shoes, sports, tech, household and fashion items5 business days● Free 
● Pro- $49 per month 
● Plus- $79 per month

The 10 Best US Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify

You should know more things before choosing the suitable one for you, such as benefits, offers, shipping time, and drawbacks. Here, you’ll learn everything about U.S. dropshipping suppliers for Shopify.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

 1. Trendsi

If you’re looking for a convenient one-stop dropshipping with a free subscription, then Trendsi is the best option for you.


  • Whether you’re a newbie or a professional of Shopify, using this supplier will help you to gather more clients than now with a wide product niche collection
  • Includes more than 10,000 trendy women’s clothing
  • This dropshipping company is well-known for its inventory management and perfect fulfillment. It’s the number #1 fashion supplier on Shopify
  • Versatile product options with a 50 to 60% margin limit
  • Offers secure packaging, so you don’t have to worry about the product condition when moving the products from suppliers to Shopify users
  • Shipping within 1 to 2 business days faster than other suppliers


  • User friendly interface
  • Easy selection process
  • High-quality products with premium packaging
  • Huge margin limit


  •  It’s currently available only in the United States

2. Modalyst

When it comes to print-on-demand products, Modalyst is always on the top. Around 50 millions of customers have grabbed their products in recent years. 


  • They have a unique and attractive collection of fashion and print-on-demand products
  • It takes only 1 to 2 business days to deliver the products
  • Their service is based in the USA, Europe, Australia and Canada
  • Easy to connect with your Shopify account
  • Integrated with 500+ e-commerce business owners
  • Secure monitoring process for locating products during shipping
  • Quick order process with just a single click
  • You can sell the products directly on your e-commerce business sites and Shopify


  • Limitless product options of POD and fashion
  • Low shipping cost with wholesale products
  • Great customer support


  • Sometimes, they postpone their delivery due to product shortages

3. AliExpress

AliExpress is getting popular daily because of its commendable presence in the world market and its different product niches. This venture was launched in 2010 and initially specialized for the small digital retailers of China, then expanded to Singapore. Gradually, they reach all over the world. 


  • AliExpress is integrated with the many Shopify applications
  • It doesn’t have any subscription fees but includes 2.9% transaction charges
  • The approximate shipping time for AliExpress is 15 to 45 days
  • More than 1000+ products are available
  • Chinese affordable infrastructure
  • Varieties of product niches, from household kitchens to fashion categories
  • Direct order process without any third-party provider


  • Overseas easy delivery process
  • Great choice for Facebook and Shopify business
  • Product prices are budget-friendly


  • Long delivery time, it sometimes takes 2-3 months to ship

4. Syncee

One of the renowned B2B dropshipping suppliers for Shopify is Syncee. Their services are only for small businesses and enterprises. 


  • Collaborations with 1200+ brands and ship 7 million products around the world
  • This dropshipping company has 3 paid packages with 1 free starter plan
  • The best part is to try their 14-day free trial before purchasing their premium packages
  • Their shipping time is between 4 to 10 business days
  • It comes up with a collection of more than six million products that are categorized in different niches
  • Excellent integration with Shopify and other ecommerce platforms like Wix, BigCommerce, and KMO Shops


  • Easy to find suppliers with their default search bar and Alibaba search options
  • You can add your favorite products to your catalog page anytime
  • Transparent order management


  • The free trial is only for a limited timeline

5. SaleHoo

Salehoo is the perfect choice for dropshippers to boost a high profit margin. 


  • It has an automated product searching tool that helps you to find your desired ones from 8,000+ suppliers with 2.5 million winning products
  • Provides market-guided products
  • Comes up with an easy-to-use dashboard
  • They deliver products within 4 to 30 days, depending on the product’s availability and weight


  • They provide great customer service and help the buyer with necessary information whenever it is required
  • Supports scaling the Shopify business with a wide range of excellent suppliers, manufacturers, e-commerce sellers, and wholesalers
  • High-quality products with long-time usability


  • Some customers claim their directory system didn’t update with trends

6. Wholesale 2B

To start with your Shopify business, Wholesale 2B is the utmost option. It’s an affordable and easy option for beginners. 


  • Around 1 million dropship products are available
  • They send products worldwide, especially to Canada, the UK, and the USA
  • This dropshipping agency is integrated with Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, BigCommerce, Weebly, etc
  • You can learn dropshipping sales analytics with Wholesale 2B courses


  • Offers a huge number of product niches
  • Quick delivery time within 1 day
  • Single-click installation
  • Supportive customer service


  • They want to sell their premium membership more than maintain their product quality

7. CJ Dropshipping

We keep CJ Dropshipping on our list because it comes up with thousands of product niches. Along with that, their product quality is better than other ones. It’s one of the best dropship suppliers for Shopify.


  • From office electronics to home appliances,  gadgets, smartphones, laptops, accessories, and fashion items, you’ll get everything on this marketplace 
  • Their specialized dropshipping features make it better for the Shopify business
  • Warm and satisfying customer service
  • Faster shipping time than Aliexpress
  • Strong integration with multiple marketplaces
  • They include realistic pictures and videos to improve customer experience


  • Reasonable price range
  • High order fulfillment rate
  • Premium quality products


  • User interface issues

8. Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands has been working with wholesalers and online retailers since 1999. You can get their services from all over the world. 


  • It’s getting a positive response from the customers from the beginning for the generous behavior
  • Their lifetime plan is a life savior for many dropshippers. Instead of renewing your membership every month, it’s better to subscribe to their lifetime access
  • They include a wholesale directory for guidance
  • Reliable supplier lists on the wholesale directory


  • Professional customer service
  • Respective return policy
  • Fast product delivery


  • High product price

9. Megagoods

Megagoods is a simple and attractive dropshipping website for newbies and professionals. Their journey started in 2004 and provided the best products to the consumers. 


  • They have limited products with the highest quality 
  • This company has been partnered with Samsung, Phillips,  Pioneer, and Olympus
  • Great collection of tools and services that work in the electronic and video game niche
  • Their quick processing time, PCI, and EDI compliance make them highly competent dropshipping suppliers
  • Excellent selection of items and brands


  • Quick processing time 
  • Easy shipping methods 
  • Dependable services 


  • Additional fees over monthly membership

 10. Zendrop

With automated order fulfillment and a wide variety of products, Zendrop is an excellent company who are reliable for dropshipping businesses. 


  • Easy custom branding
  • Built-in inventory management systems
  • Extensive product research tools make them commendable
  • Automation for order fulfillment 
  • Includes 1000+ products on their directory


  • Fast dropshipping mechanism
  • Handy features and tools 
  • Excellent customer support  


  • No live chat option on free plan

How Do I Choose the Best Dropshipping Companies for Shopify 

Here are the 5 essential factors you should look for while picking the best dropshipping suppliers for your Shopify account. 

  • Product price

It’s important to look into the price ranges of the products because some dropshipping companies set the price higher than the quality. So, prices should be fair when it comes to dropshipping. 

  • Product quality

Picking high-quality products for dropshipping is necessary. So check the quality of products perfectly before ensuring your order. 

  • Niche

If you can’t get the targeted products of your business in one place, it won’t be a good deal for you. So consider the product niche varieties for choosing a suitable dropshipping dealer for the business.

  • Shipping time

To provide good customer service, you must dropship the products on time. And if your products arrive late, you can lose many deals. In that case, shipping time is one of the mandatory things to consider for dropshipping suppliers. 


That’s all of the best Shopify dropshipping suppliers with the most positive Shopify ratings. When we were hovering for the useful dropshipping companies of Shopify, we talked to some business owners.

However, we didn’t only depend on their reviews. We’ve tested most of these dropshipping companies’ free trials to find their compatibility. So, our guide will help you to understand the perfect dropshipping dealers to boost the sales of your Shopify business. 

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