How To Dropship Jewelry? An Ultimate Guide to Get Started

How to dropship jewlery

The dropshipping business model has become one of the most profitable business models of the 21st century. 33% of the online stores chose this model for their order fulfillment process. A take worthy decision of the time.

If you are planning to dropship, product choice must be bugging you. You can choose dropship jewelry, a highly demanded and fully potential product of all time. This is one of those products that has craze and demand not only from fashion lovers but also from a wide range of audiences. 

In this article, we will be covering how you can start dropshipping jewelry, how to find the right suppliers, and 5 renowned jewelry product suppliers for dropshipping. Let’s get started. 

Why Is jewelry a good niche for dropshipping?

The jewelry market is a highly-demanded item for all times. Also, the growth of the fashion industry is another reason for this product to have surging demand. In the year 2022, the global market size was valued at $216.48 billion and is projected to reach more in upcoming years. 

This numerical data pretty much indicates that dropshipping jewelry products are a good option. There are various benefits of this business. Such as:

  • High-Profit Margins. Jewelry products can hit high profitability for dropshippers, as it has a large market and the risk is manageable.
  • Easy to Start Business. Starting a dropshipping business doesn’t require any big volume of skill, resources, or equipment, as there are no upfront costs.
  • Product Variation Availability. Due to having variations in jewelry products, it’s easier to go with any type of jewelry. Dropshippers can choose to do business with the latest items, custom items, or any other jewelry that their target audience looks for.
  • Flexibility in Working. Dropshipping jewelry allows flexibility in running the business from anywhere.
  • Easy to Find Suppliers. There are many suppliers who manufacture and/or wholesale jewelry products for dropshippers, along with managing and fulfilling orders.

How to Start a Dropshipping Jewelry Business?

If you are new to dropshipping, here is a step-by-step guide on how to start a jewelry dropshipping business.

  • Step 1: Decide what type of jewelry product you want to sell, for fashion, custom design, piercing, men or women.
  • Step 2: Then create your jewelry store online. You can create custom websites or choose online store-building platforms like Shopify for dropshipping business.
  • Step 3: Find jewelry suppliers through, search Google, and ask other dropshippers from where they source products. Don’t rely on only one supplier. Also, it’s better if you have suppliers who will fulfill the orders you get.

How to choose the best jewelry dropshipping suppliers?

Doing business smoothly depends largely on choosing the right jewelry supplier for dropshipping. If your suppliers can match your pace, you will have one section less to worry about. Your supplier will do the most important part without any trouble and you will make happy clients and earn more profit. 

So, to choose the jewelry dropshipping supplier for your business, you need to consider 6 factors. Those are Supplier’s reliability, Type of products and quality, Working process, Warehouse location, Pricing, and Client support.

1. Supplier’s Reliability

Once you find the potential suppliers you can start working with, shortlist them. Then check other dropshippers’ reviews and ratings on them, their reputation, achievements, past collaboration, etc. You will understand if the suppliers are trustworthy enough to work for a long time.

2. Type of Products and Quality

Prioritize understanding the type of products you will be selling and their quality. As online shoppers can’t check the product firsthand and rely on the images you provide, you have to make sure the products are top-notch quality. Check the sample of suppliers’ products. Ask them for sample products.

3. Working Process

Get a clear idea of how the supplier’s process with dropshipping works and delivery time across different locations. Also, know if they have any minimum order quantity (MOQ).

4. Warehouse Location

Check the supplier’s warehouse location, if the warehouse is far from your target audience, then delivery is likely to take time. So, it’s better if you can find suppliers who have warehouse locations closer to them.

5. Pricing

Check for suppliers’ pricing categories and their way of charging. If you are starting, you better have suppliers having affordable and convenient pricing structures.

6. Client Support

Lastly, check the client support channels, their contact number, email addresses, social media accounts, etc. If those are accurate, available anytime and assist you with any type of support you need.

5 Best Dropshipping Jewelry Suppliers in 2023

There are plenty of dropshipping jewelry suppliers who are supporting the dropshippers to fulfill global demand. As a dropshipper, you might be confused as to whom to trust for such a big role. 
It’s always safe to go for well-known platforms. On that note, here are our top 5 jewelry dropshipping suppliers you can choose from. 

1. Trendsi

Trendsi your one stop fashion supplier

Trendsi is a one-stop supply chain solution for fashion products. This platform is especially effective for those who want to dropship jewelry in the USA. Dropshippers can connect with this platform for high-quality branded and off-branded jewelry items. Trendsi will take charge of everything from packing to delivering even product returns.


  • Offers supply chain solution, product source, manufacture, and logistics for dropshippers 
  • Has a voluminous collection of jewelry products to choose 
  • Has a good profit margin for dropshipping 
  • Integrates with TikTok now 
  • Has an app for Shopify merchants along with Android and Apple devices
  • Shipping Policy: 2-10 business days 
  • Return Policy: 7 business days


  • Offers a wide range of high-quality products 
  • Fast shipping and delivery & return managing 
  • Available for both Android and IOS 
  • Flexible sourcing with Trendsi. Sellers looking for a particular product can contact Trendsi for sourcing their required products. 
  • Offers products wholesaling options


  • Shipping option limited only to the US


Trendsi is a free-to-use platform. Dropshippers only pay for product and shipping fees after an order has been fulfilled.

How to Get Started Jewelry Dropshipping With Trendsi?

To get started with Trendsi, sign up for free with them.

2. PierceBody

Piercebody jewellery wholesaler

If you are looking to sell stylish jewelry products like piercing ones, we have Piercebody, the body jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier, for you. It offers high-quality jewelry items for any type of piercing and serves over 400 wholesalers around the world. 


  • 10,000+ collections of piercing jewelry 
  • Efficient storage and delivery 
  • Stockroom in the UK and USA 
  • The minimum order value is $200 USD
  • Shipping Policy: 3-7 day 
  • Return Policy: 7 days


  • Vast & unique body jewelry collection 
  • Allows customization option 
  • Options for both retailers and wholesalers


  • We do not supply free samples. (But allows ordering small). 


Piercebody has a competitive pricing, it also sells at factory price and offers bulk discount. 

How to Get Started Jewelry Dropshipping With Piercebody? 

To start your dropshipping with Piercebody, you have to create a new customer account.

3. BrandsGateway

BrandsGateway dropshipping supplier

BrandsGateway is an online B2B fashion marketplace, a reliable platform offering jewelry products from luxury brands for wholesale, retail, and dropship. The supplier specializes in reselling and delivering to more than 170 countries. 


  • 100% authenticity guaranteed 
  • Has no minimum order requirements 
  • Allows listing products on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon 
  • Has an automated dropshipping plugin for inventory updates, order automation, etc. 
  • Shipping Policy: 3 business days within the EU, 5-7 business days outside the EU
  • Return Policy: 14-day return policy


  • Offers thousands of products from 100+ brands 
  • Allows automated fulfillment options for dropshipping 
  • Dropshipping service and product delivery globally 
  • Ecommerce integration: Shopify, WooCommerce, Shift4Shop, Wix, BigCommerce etc. 


  • Not a suitable option for dropshippers on low-budget.


BrandsGateway pricing plan is categorized into monthly €279 and yearly €1,770 (annual bill). 

How to Get Started Jewelry Dropshipping with BrandsGateway? 

Dropshippers need to register on BrandsGateway to explore the details of supplying. 

4. J Goodin

J goodin jewelry dropshippers

JGoodin, the US-based jewelry supplier, has been working for 3 decades. With a diverse collection of products such as sterling silver, gold, stainless steel, cubic zirconia, rhodium-plated jewelry, and many other premium jewelry items, the supplier sells products with original designs around the world and has become a trustable platform for dropshippers. 


  • Offer high-quality jewelry items, made of gold, sterling silver, cubic zirconia, and stainless steel. 
  • Offers bulk product and flexible volume discount 
  • Has a dropship program 
  • Shipping Policy: 5-7 days 
  • Return Policy: 30-day return policy 


  • Offers affordable prices 
  • Discounts on bulk products 
  • Quality packaging for all orders 
  • XML feed updates for ecommerce store 


  • Limitation in new jewelry styles 


New dropshippers have to spend $250 for their first order. And then, they can buy any quantity of jewelry. Also, the supplier offers volume discounts

How to Get Started Jewelry Dropshipping with J Goodin? 

If you want to choose J Goodin for your jewelry dropshipping supplier, you have to register first. 

5. House Of Jewellery

House of jewellery dropship supplier

House Of Jewellery is a wholesale supplier for jewelry products, based in Canada. This wholesaler has been working in North America for the last 30 years and offers sophisticated jewelry products that match well with today’s trends. 


  • Offers products from DIY designs to established retailers 
  • Offers custom-made solutions, trendy design 
  • Has catalogs of the digital PDF version 
  • Offers promotion to subscribers for discount 
  • Shipping Policy: As a wholesaler, its shipping policy varies depending on the retailer’s shipping policy. 
  • Return Policy: 7-10 days


  • Offers custom-made, trendy design jewelry
  • Has trade shows for buyers to see items in person
  • Offers competitive pricing and volume discounts 


  • Has a MOQ of $150. 

How to Get Started with Jewelry Dropshipping with House of Jewellery?

You have to create an account with House Of Jewellery first with proof that you have registered a business.

FAQs about best dropshipping jewelry stores

Can you dropship diamonds?

Yes, you can dropship diamonds, considering it is one of the most high-valued jewelry items of all time. However, as a dropshipper, you should be conscious of the item you will be doing business with. If you are completely sure of the product and quality, or you can dropship branded items, then you can pull off dropshipping diamond jewelry.

Is dropshipping jewelry profitable?

Dropshipping jewelry is known to be a highly profitable business, due to advantages like easy setup, flexibility, low startup costs, and worldwide demands.

Is Shopify good for jewelry?

Yes, Shopify is a good platform for jewelry, as it offers numerous beneficial features for jewelry businesses in customizing, controlling, integration, secure payment process, etc


As mentioned already, the jewelry dropshipping business has a good profit margin and high potential. Hopefully, our article will help you find the right supplier and get started with your business.

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