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Auto Combine Orders and More New Features

We are continuously improving the user experience by releasing new app updates. This time, we have released some highly requested features and improvements.
1. Auto Combine Orders See Details

Sellers who are currently manually combining orders by using the Delay Processing feature, this new Auto Combine Orders will save you so much time!
When this feature is toggled on, any new order with a distinct shipping address will automatically combine if additional orders are placed with the same address within the 24 hour period of the first order. This can potentially help you save on shipping costs.
Go to Account --> Settings --> Order Management
  • Delay Processing must also be toggled on in order to enable Auto Combine Orders and we also recommend turning on Auto Checkout to make it a fully automated experience
  • Addresses are not case-sensitive but must match format and spelling exactly in order to auto combine
    • For example, these orders will not auto combine:
      Address 1 - 123 Fun St., CA 95415
      Address 2 - 123 Fun Street, CA 95414

2. Order Wait Time See Details

Now you can have more control over orders that have some exceptions that could cause a delay. This long awaited feature will let you determine the amount of time to wait for a restock if an item in a paid order doesn’t pass our quality check or is not available. We will send out the order without the item and refund if the restock exceeds your preferred waiting time. You can select a time between 0 to 30 days.
Go to Account --> Settings --> Order Management
Sample Order Wait Time:
  • All orders that are placed within the Trendsi app, not synced from Shopify, will be considered a sample order
  • Our recommended wait time is 0 days so that you can receive your sample orders as soon as possible
Note: Sellers who sell via Poshmark, FB Marketplace, or any other third-party platforms, please be aware and adjust this wait time according to the platform's selling criteria.
Shopify Order Wait Time:
  • Our recommended wait time is 7 days or more so that you don't need to refund your customer for the item that is temporarily unavailable. 
By default, Sample Orders is set to 0 days and Shopify Orders is set to 7 days.

3. Create Shipping Label In Advance

You can now decide when your customers will receive the tracking number for the domestic portion of an overseas order. This feature is useful for sellers who sell on third party platforms that require a tracking number within 3 - 5 days. Overseas products have two sets of tracking numbers. See Details
Go to Account --> Settings --> Order Management
This new feature allows you to choose when your customers receive the domestic tracking number or "Your Order Has Been Shipped" email notification from your Shopify store.
  • Toggle ON = your customer will receive the tracking number when the order leaves our overseas warehouse. When you select this option, your customer will not see any movement or updates on that tracking for 3-4 days until it arrives and shipped from our US warehouse.
  • Toggle OFF = your customer will receive the tracking number when the order is shipped from our US warehouse. When you select this option, it will appear to your customers that the order is in a processing state during the time that Trendsi is processing and shipping to our US warehouse.

4. Return Policy in Branded Invoice See Details

While Trendsi does offer return services, we understand that it may not fit your own return policy or business needs. You now have the ability to add/remove a Return Policy on your branded invoice and also customize your return policy details.
Go to Account --> Settings --> Packaging
Note: if you choose to use Trendsi Return services, please follow the Trendsi Return Policy and use the same criteria in the policy details.

5. Navigation Changes

We have updated and improved the Trendsi Account navigation. All settings related to your Trendsi account can be found under Settings.
  • Profile - You can now update profile picture, account name, email, and view/add Seller Permit via both web and mobile app

If you have any questions, please reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support via and they will be happy to assist you.
The Trendsi Team