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12 Days of Strategy Webinar Series and TikTok Opportunity

We are so honored and excited to bring 12 days of valuable content to help you scale your business! These FREE webinars are hosted by industry experts and will be live-streamed into our Facebook Community on each scheduled day and time. No need to RSVP or access any links, simply log into the FB group and you will find the live stream. If you cannot attend the live sessions, don't worry! They will be available for replay at any time.
Here is the schedule for our 12 Days of Strategy Webinar Series:
Monday, December 5 at 6pm EST

"Wolf of Boutique Street" with Hannah Wolf, Trendsi Account Strategist
Break the ice at our first webinar in the series by coming to a casual, open forum-style webinar where you are encouraged to lean into Hannah's tips and tricks for getting your mindset dialed in for maximum success and reaching your goals.
Tuesday, December 6 at 6pm EST
"Wait! You Made That?" with Brandi Brown, Trendsi Social Media Senior Associate
A bootcamp style seminar and demo on creating your own graphics and branding items in Canva. This is intended to help anyone from very new to experienced share and get ideas on how to make the most eye-catching graphics.
Wednesday, December 7 at 6pm EST
"Before You Hit Send" with Tailor Roa, ALR Services
A full-blown email workflow seminar presented by Tailor. She will get into the importance of an effective email campaign, what goes into effective emails, and breaks down how to define frequency and content.
Thursday, December 8 at 6pm EST
"Consistency - Transforming Average to Excellent" with Tailor Roa, ALR Services
Back for the second night in a row, Tailor will break down the true science of being consistent and how it drives growth in your business.
Friday, December 9 at 6pm EST
“Selling is a Privilege - NOT a Chore!" with Katrina DeMiele, owner of The Other Side Tribe Boutique
Learn from one of the strongest boutique owners of all time - Katrina DeMiele of TOST. She will coach you on her mindset, and her practices and share how she survived the lows in order to reach great highs.
Saturday, December 10 at 6pm EST
"Wrap 'Er Up & Make 'Er Look Purdy" with Jennifer Clinch, Trendsi Senior Account Strategist
As your energy winds down along with the remaining days of 2022, forgetting to polish off a few critical end-of-year tasks could lead to more work later. Let's dive into our downloadable checklist and be sure we end the year on top!
Sunday, December 11 at 6pm EST
"New Year - New You - New Habits” with Jennifer Clinch, Trendsi Senior Account Strategist
Come resolve and commit with us to implement the 5 P's in 2023 - Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance through operation time management.
Monday, December 12 and Tuesday, December 13 at 6pm EST
"It's A TWOFUR" with VAMP Marketing
Join the Gentlemen from VAMP Marketing as they dazzle our group once again this Holiday Season with their two-part presentation on... SOCIAL MEDIA ADS! You don't want to miss out on learning the high-level ins and outs of both Facebook and Instagram Ads.
Wednesday, December 14 at 6pm EST
"Lights, Camera, Followers!" with Brandi Brown, Trendsi Social Media Senior Associate
Brandi will teach us her ways when it comes to reels and videos on any and all Social Media platforms. Intended to help newbies gain confidence in creating reels and long-time video creators polish their skills...this webinar will have something for everyone.
Thursday, December 15 at 6pm EST
"Welcome to MY HOUSE" with Breanna, Trendsi Stylist
You have all seen the warm and welcoming smile of Breanna in our group, but now she is going to take you on a tour of our LA Live Selling Center. She will walk you through what to expect when making a visit and how we have grown and improved the space for your experience since opening two months ago.
Friday, December 16 at 6pm EST
"Sit Down and BE FOUND" with Trendsi Founders
Join us as members of Trendsi's founding team to look back on 2022 and give us a sneak peek into 2023 and what we can expect!
We have a Trendsi exclusive opportunity for you!
Trendsi has partnered with TikTok to provide an exclusive opportunity for you to start live selling on the platform. Live selling is beginning to take momentum on TikTok and if you want to expand your sales channels and grow your business, now is a perfect time.
You do not need to have experience in live selling, but as an early live seller on TikTok, it will require persistence and dedication. Oh and there will also be an amazing cash bonus opportunity upon your success!
Trendsi will provide:
  • Training - account setup and live selling tips directly from TikTok team
  • Enable live shopping feature on your TikTok account
  • A fun community of TikTok live sellers to learn and even have fun competitions with
What you need:
  • TikTok account (number of followers does not matter)
  • Live selling equipment
Ready to step up your business? Apply using the form below, qualifying accounts will be contacted by a member of our team with the next steps.
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